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A lot has been happening behind the scenes here at the Refinery over the last few months. After our launch of the beloved Ike & Tash, the proposal was made to me to further our business into the realm of templates.

Templates...I had a real struggle with the idea of designing templates {insert extremely hesitant emoji here}. The Refinery has always held to the idea that each brand is unique; it is the capture of the artist, their passions, their goals and what they want to be to their audience. My struggle came to wouldn't designing templates take that unique quality away from clients?? I want to be the designer that brings that passion to reality in visual form. I want to wow each client I serve. How can I do that with templates? I didn't see a way. After so much thought and deliberation with my sounding board (read: my husband), we figured it out together! 

The initial proposal was that of considering the artists that can't realistically justify investing in a full brand design with me. Heart strings successfully pulled. I feel for those artists. I've been there and there is this awful catch 22 with investing in business: 

"You've gotta spend money to make money."

It is such a hard concept to swallow but it is so very true. {Disclaimer: I'm not saying spend loads upon loads of money that you don't have and you'll make bank. I am saying that wisely investing in your company can have a great impact. I am also saying that a well designed site wins almost every single time.} Templates provide an option for those with limited budgets to have a gorgeous site that is sure to impress! 

How does this impact the Refinery and what we believe? Truth is, it doesn't. We have designed many of our client sites on Squarespace, which is what? Templates. Ta Da! We are simply taking that idea and adding our own unique design tastes to it. We are providing an extremely in-depth, and intuitive tool that any artist can take and apply to their business. We believe a brand is the passion, the voice and the vision of the artist; the value you give your audience. We believe that the brand doesn't just happen by some pretty elements or designs, it's built over time. We also believe that an artist can take our designs and modify them to fit their unique design aesthetic. Bottom line -- we believe in you! You can totally do this!!!

The Market Floor

The location where a product or good is crafted and honed to perfection.

We will be launching our shop, The Market Floor, on August 1, 2016 with 5-10 show stopping Showit5 templates! Sign up for our newsletter for a special introductory offer!  Here is a sneak peek of the first 5 templates coming to The Market Floor:

The Vienna - Light + Airy

The Mélange - Deep + Moody

The Brevé - Calm + Artistic

The Triplo - Timeless + Romantic

The Long Black - Classic + Dapper

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