Branding for Ike and Tash

Ike + Tash. A husband and wife duo that has the PASSION! Do you know them? They are fun. They are genuine. They are REAL. Isaiah and Latasha Haynes have together built a company that stands on principle, whose desire is to encourage and instill confidence in the hearts of their clients. 

When I was contacted to be the designer for a company that had such gorgeous values, I couldn't jump at the opportunity fast enough. I was SO excited! To come alongside a team that knows exactly where it has come from and can see where it is going -- I was hooked. Meeting with Tash and seeing the love she has for all of her girls on the Street Team and her desire to provide support to other photographers in the industry and also, hearing the WHY behind Ike and Tash, only sealed the deal.

Their hope was to have a site that fully captured who they were as a team and individually, focusing on their passions and goals. Together, we worked through the different pieces of their company to bring their audience a cohesive experience.


These three words gave the perfect trajectory for their design.

The inspiration board was perfect. It was modern. It had edge. It was clean and crisp. It definitely captured all of what both I knew and what their audience knew of Ike and Tash. Not only does this board give me, as their designer, inspiration for their brand, it gives Ike and Tash a base for their individual photography styles. One of the most important elements to a brand is cohesiveness, from your web and print to the actual product you provide. The end goal is to have your audience see your product and instinctively know it's yours without ever seeing your name. That is branding.

With the base of their design finished, we moved on to their website! This project was very different from any other project I have completed prior. Their website is designed in the all new Showit5! Now, I am a Squarespace designer. I know the ins and outs, the workarounds, the special features, etc. Being presented with a new platform to learn and design in, and not to mention, design for a well-known photography team who is showcased on the front of the Showit5 website, well, it was a little intimidating but the excitement quickly outweighed the nerves. 

We got down to business and designed a GORGEOUS site. Don't take our word for it, visit the site for yourself at and show them some love! We always love love.